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Virginia's Local Government

Three Examples of the Checks and Balances System
Function of Federal Government
Function of State Government
Function of Local Government
Function of Shared Power Between State and Federal Governments
Two Presidental Roles
Vice President
Two Cabinet Secretaries
Senate President Pro Tempore
Speaker of the House
1 Senate and 1 House Commitee Chairperson
Two U.S. Senators from Virginia
Your Congressional Representative
A Bill Presently Under Consideration
A Recently Signed Law
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
A Female Justice of the Supreme Court
A Justice of the Supreme Court Who Is a Minority
An Example of a Landmark Supreme Court Case
A Supreme Court Case That Overturned A Law
Three Examples of the Checks and Balances System
Virginia's Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Your Virginia Sate Senator
Your Virginia State Delegate
Highest Elected Official in Fairfax County
Your District's County Supervisor
Your School Board Representatives
Quiz and Answer Key

First, the legislative branch can pass a law.  The way the executive branch checks that is by either agreeing with it or vetoing it.


Second, the judicial branch apprehends the laws.  The executive branch checks that by choosing all the justices in the court.


Third, the executive branch can veto a bill.  The legislative branch checks that by looking at it again and possibly cancelling the veto.



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Jordan Pangelinan
Period 2